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It all has been written.
I cannot even begin to describe the pain my heart feels towards Palestine. While everyone sits and enjoys FIFA with billions of dollars being spent to entertain countries with no war, million dollar bets on games - Gaza suffers and children are being killed in the streets like its nothing. Let’s keep letting the world give money where it is not needed. Our government is fucking retarded and the world is absolutely disgusting. People who are able to do something about this devastating atrocity - aren’t. Israeli people can claim any land they want, even capture any humans they want - but they will NEVER be able to take Palestine’s name away, or kill a Palestinian soul! God is watching - the day of judgement will come!
FREE GAZA!! - (via kyrstinlindsay)

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While the whole world cries for yesterday’s match,

Gaza is under attack,

nobody cries for them,

nobody prays for them,

nobody’s willing to help them.

Three israeli kids die, (not saying I don’t feel sorry or sad for them)

the news talk about them for days and days;

Thousands of palestinians…

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I’m seriously always tripping over my abaya when standing up after sujood.

Omg me too :((

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Two single muslim moms are in dire need of assistance. One has 5 kids and no source of income and one has 2 kids and is homeless. IF YOU CAN NOT DONATE, ATLEAST SHARE THE LINK SO WE CAN HELP THESE MOTHERS OUT. ITS RAMADAN GUYS, IMAGINE YOURSELF IN THIS SITUATION, WOULDNT YOU WANT PEOPLE TO HELP YOU OUT??!!

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cuisinefacile: Assalam alaikum Safyyah,

Wa ‘alaykum as-salam wa rahmatuLlahi wa barakatuh!

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First suhoor *-* AlhamduliLlah
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I’m thankful that God hasn’t let me go, because I’ve let Him go, lots of times. He rescued me and continues to amaze me with things that are beyond what I deserve for myself. - (via muslimahbyheart)

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Dear brothers and sisters fiLlah (in/for Allah)!

Remember that making wishes when you see a comet in the sky, fortune cookies, horoscope, fortune tellers…

All this is haraam (prohibited), it’s major shirk (association)!

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